Tessy King PROFILE

by BRÆR Studio

Tessy is an artist who lives and works on Yaegl Country, in the Clarence Valley of the Northern Rivers. 

She makes sculptural ceramic vessels in her shed studio. She creates her work with a variety of clays, layered glazes, vitreous enamels and lustres to investigate materials and processes within her practice.

 tessy's studio and pup

tessys shed studio

"The majority of my works are highly decorative, laboriously hand-built vases for flowers and the occasional sculpture hinting at the vessel form. Many kiln firings are involved in achieving the layered and luminous surfaces of my pots. I relish the opportunity to see these works in collaboration with Braer flowers, like the perfect icing on top."

tessy king sea king and queen vase

tessy king picnic vase

tessy king ceramics


 Moodispiring Tessy at the moment


Cliff face photograph taken on a trip down the coast to Victoria. 
Picasso’s Harlequin.
Reclining sculpture, at the caravan park on the river in Wooli. 

A feeling 


Goodnight Little Arlo by Woody Guthrie (for my baby Roly), lots of these sorts of lyrics on repeat in our house for the last year.

 A moment


Multiple cups of tea a day. I have a special collection of mugs by friends that I love to rotate through. I love the connection with the other makers while I enjoy a moment with my tea. 


If you were a flower….


Possibly a bit daggy but I have so many cute memories involving frangipani flowers and trees, so a frangipani. Just the smell alone transports me all over the place and times.

image of Tessy vase filled with frangipanni smiley guy vase by tessy king

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Photos by Yaz Ward & words by Azzmin. Images taken at The Joints with Mondaine.