Studio Visit & PROFILE - Lawn Bowls

by BRÆR Studio





We visited Finn O'Sullivan in her Meanjin (Brisbane) studio to see how she creates her nostalgic feeling glass works.

Finn learned how to make fused glass with her Nanna who has been painting and making glass art all of her life. Finn studied at QCA majoring in print making and collage. She cleverly combines her love of mid century style and kitcsh motifs while modernising a vintage style of glass art. Her work has quickly gained a large following of those who admire her humorous "face bowls" and vases. Finn is bringing brightness and light into homes and spaces from New York to Melbourne and now Byron Bay. 

We took some photographs in the Lawn Bowls studio while Finn chatted to us about her life, work and mood.


Finns home studio

Lawn Bowls in the studio sunglass Plate in the sun on a windowsil


I Love Lauren Bamford’s photographs, reminds me of something out of an old encyclopaedia.

Lauren Bamford's photographs remind Finn of an encyclopedia


I am inspired by this mutant Daisy and I’m obsessed with bathroom design of the 40’s/50’s, the colours, shapes and patterns! Ahh


Mutant daisy and vintage bathrooms as inspiration


This illustration from an old children's book is joyful and cute! I love it :) 


childrens picture book illistration

 A feeling 


Waiting for the moon to rise by Belle and Sebastian always makes me feel peaceful


A moment

(daily practice or meditation, take us through your ritual?)

My most treasured ritual lately is my first tea of the day in the garden with my dog Daph, I sit in the garden a lot since bringing her home and there is so much I’ve never noticed, I love when the first light of the day illuminates it all :)



If you were a flower….

Tough question but I’d have to be a bunch of hydrangeas, the ever changing colours are too wonderful!


 Lawn Bowls

Images in this PROFILE / Studio Visit are by Yaz Ward & Claudia Smith, Words By Azzmin.