Pronounced bray-er, Braer is an old word for ‘briar’ which is loosely translated to mean ‘a tangle of wild roses’. We specialise in creative events, wedding flowers & art direction.

Braer Studio is home to a selected range of works created by Australian artists - working in ceramics, sculpture, lighting design, bonsai and experimental furniture. The studio is a flower shop / gallery heralding the beauty of nature at its core.


At Braer we create with the idea of ‘beauty in the unexpected’. Often, we find joy in working with materials that would often not be expected to be found with one another. Nature never questions – but takes space with confidence and sometimes contradiction, a metaphor we often mirror in our work.

Sustainability is a core principle at Braer, our work revolves around the cycles of nature.
We care about the environment and use the finest in season, locally-grown flowers from across Australia.