Saturday Still Life

by Taylor Priebe

In a world that often demands productivity, it's easy to overlook the importance of nurturing our creative side. Incorporating a creative ritual into our daily lives has profound effects on our overall happiness. 

Still life drawing by Braer




At Braer - we often find it's important to have a structured time each week to incorporate play. Saturday Still Life has become an open space of gentle expression and more importantly a time to have a laugh with friends. 



“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” – Robert Henri


Yaz Ward artist and teacher




Yaz Ward leads the untutored class each week with a short meditation. A small moment for the collective to pause, take a breath, and be still. From there - she opens with a few short creative challenges to loosen the hand. Throughout the class Yaz consistently checks in, making sure everyone is letting go of inhibitions.

I've often found my favourite part of class is appreciating the way everyone's work morphs into something accidental,

a light metaphor for the way we can view our experiences and the often paradoxical world around us. 



Still Life drawing flowers every Saturday morning in Autumn and Winter at Braer


Echinacea arrangement sketched by a participant


Coffee, croissants and drawing


drawing flannel flowers in the courtyardDrawing red hot poker flowers - still lifeDrawing flowers is for all ages and abilities




The 2 hour free-style drawing class continues every Saturday though Winter. Charcoal and paper provided, no pressure, just joy.
Coffee and brunch via our dear neighbours @tones_________ 



Drawing flowers with friends







Still life is open to all people, not just "creatives."

Bookings for the following week open every Monday. Come practice with us. ☺


Words by Taylor Priebe.

Images of studen work by Yaz Ward.