Get In Touch - Artist residency with Little Company

by BRÆR Studio




At Braer the way we think about flowers and work with flowers is with a deep reverence for the natural world. Flowers and their finite existence is a practice in mindfulness itself. The impermanence and cycles of nature can teach us so much about being human beings.
Braer observing nature, Camellias and Acacia

Collaboration is at the core of everything we make at Braer - collaboration between nature and humans, the artist and the materials, the environment in which the installation will slowly change and eventually decompose. Braer notices the beauty in the unexpected. 



We jumped at the opportunity to explore Warundjeri Country and immerse ourselves in a completely different environment to Byron Bay - Bundjalung Country.


Cobra lilies in the garden at Casa Warrandyte

                            Cobra lilies in the garden & a sketch by Yaz Ward 




Borrowing natural elements from the bush surrounding Casa Warrandyte Braer was commissioned to create a nature installation in the Little Company Collingwood space.








Yaz & I took a deep exhale and enjoyed the late rising sun. Melbourne made us sleepy, so we surrendered to it, read our books and lit the fire.

We wandered around the property, situated close the the Yarra River and took long walks exploring the landscape. The mediative rhythms of the days moving slower than usual. 




Being cosy in Naarm Melbourne





Acacia was growing in abundance in the area and was bursting into colour. We snipped fragrant yellow pom-poms from the trees growing on the verge to make a giant fluffy garland to float in the LTCO space.

 A feminine, voluptuous camellia bush within the property grounds covered in buds was just asking to be picked. We paired the camellia with Japonica blossom that quite literally ‘caught my eye’. The beautiful & spiky branches tanged in a brambled-mess proved dangerous to harvest slapping me in the face when I was too eager.



Sketches by Yaz Ward from the garden along side inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy and Norman Sparnon

 Sketches of narcissus & calendula from the garden by Yaz Ward, Andy Goldsworthy as inspiration (always), Ikebana by Norman Sparnon with japonica



A special branch reminded me of an arrangement in one of my favourite books by the Australian Ikebana master Norman Sparnon - Arranging flowers.

 Japonica blossom and camellias

Braer installations in the LTCO Collingwood space

Building the giant wattle garland in the Little Company Collingwood Space


Little Company Melbourne


"The act of rest in itself is a rebellion against capitalism. Spending time with flowers and plants soothe the soul. The gratitude we feel for natures gifts is something that continues to grow deeper. Without moments to pause we can’t possibly see the gifts that we receive everyday."


Braer is planning part 2 of the residency with LTCO in late July in Byron Bay using locally foraged materials to reflect the species abundant on Bundjalung Country. 





Photos By Yaz Ward

Words by Azzmin Frances.