PROFILE - First Date

by Taylor Priebe


First Date are, fittingly, the first in our Profile series, a place for Braer friends and figures of note to abstract a collage of their life, work and mood. Jemma and Jane are two friends, designers behind the brand with a cult following — bringing together their personal style and art direction to deliver pieces that embody balance, luxury and beauty, while honouring sustainable and ethical practices.

Braer had the privilege of making flowers for Jane's wedding late last year. She is a mother of 2 and we adored getting to know her during the process of creating her flowers for her intimate wedding. We were excited to create something again with these 2 creative women behind First Date. We profile them on the advent of our collaboration - the Flowery Candle; their signature pillar form in our own blue hue.



Jane is living on Bundjalung Country  &  Jemma resides in Naarm. We ask these two creative friends for an insight into their brains (right now).


Images or scenes that are inspiring you


Image 01. @pierretoussaint

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Intro, Spooky Black 


We both drink coffee in the morning (Jane has decaf and Jemma has instant or whatever is going). We talk several times daily through phone calls, voice notes and messaging. We basically share every thought on our minds. It’s so nice to have such a closeness even though we live far from each other. Other daily routines we share are brushing our hair with matching hairbrushes, using the Orange Blossom body oil or body milk from Officine Universelle Buly, and lighting a candle most nights.

If you were a flower 
Made from a 3d printed silicone mold, hand poured by Jemma. Braer worked with First date to create this limited edition Braer blue hue. Purchase one of the extremely limited edition candles here



Flowery Candle



Images by Claudia Smith