ike - Kit

by Taylor Priebe

Introducing our Braer x Jenn Johnston ike - Kit 

Jenn is a ceramicist, living and working on Bundjalung Country, in Mullumbimby, NSW Australia.



Jenn discovered her passion for clay after a career in health research and policy. After honing her skills over a number of years and working on her unique style, ceramics became her full-time job in 2021. Jenn ushered in a slower paced lifestyle post being diagnosed with a chronic illness. She mindfully crafts her pots in her beautiful purpose-built home studio in Mullumbimby.


"In my studio nestled in my garden I create elegant, functional, hand crafted ceramics. Predominantly using slab-building techniques and stoneware clay, I focus on making work that is refined and minimalistic. I take pride that each piece leaving my studio is made with all of my care and consideration."

"My ceramics in both the shapes and the tones that I use are influenced by the rich and abundant landscape of the place I’m so lucky to call home. I have a deep appreciation of Japanese aesthetics and mid-century modern design which I feel also comes out in my work"



" Since the start of 2021 I have been potting full time, and have never felt more content and sure that I’m doing what I was meant to do. Making with clay has brought me joy, purpose, community, respite from chronic illness, and a whole new way of living."

Ike-Kit is inspired by finding ones Ikigai, the Japanese word often meaning ‘the feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment that follows when people pursue their passions’

In this series, Braer has tasked an artist to create a vessel that speaks to their unique sensibilities and signature style. Lending from elements of Japanese Ikebana to practice mindfulness and create beauty in your home.



be playful and connect with nature
 there are no rules with this practice
find your inspiration from the individual stems
take your time to contemplate a composition
a tender practice creating art
using flowers 



Included in the Kit:


Kenzan - Japanese floral arranging tool


Hasami - traditional scissors for floral arranging


Cloth - Braer x She Made Me hand crochet cloth (colour lucky dip)


Limited edition Vessel - Jenn Johnson 


Printed instruction photo card included in the box


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Photos in this Profile by Kelvin Saik & Claudia Smith.