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2023 NOW Wine Cans
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2023 NOW Wine Cans

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2023 NOW Wine Can


2023 ‘Lake of Stars’ Pét Nat 
Lake Of Stars | Sauvignon Blanc - Prieto Picudo
Nose: Toffee apple, nashi, pumice, plum.
Palate: An elegant dance of diamonds on sorbet. Bright and bouncy with notes of toffee apple, lemon sorbet and young raspberry. Made in the ancestral method, and pretty in pink.

2023 ‘Earth Twitch’ Grenache / Mataro 
Earth Twitch | Grenache - Mataro
Nose: Blood plum, ripe strawberry, moonlight.
Palate: Bright, playful and brimming with violets, red licorice and juicy
plums. An elegant wine without edges, like it would be near impossible to fall anywhere except in love.

2023 ‘Fractals’ Semillon / Muscat / Riesling / Viognier
Variatal: | Semillon - Riesling - Muscat - Viognier
Nose: white peach, pineapple, swimsuits.
Palate: Standing on the shore in your swimmers sipping pineapple juice from the tin through salted lips. Silky over the tongue accompanied with bright, crunchy apple and smooth-sailing finish.

2023 ‘Mirror Twin’ Semillon / Viognier / Chardonnay
Nose: Frangipani petal, green mango, oyster shell.
Palate: Summer Lime Splice, ripe honeydew melon and guava with cool
minerality and lemon Fruit Tingle lift. Lolling mouthfeel from wholebunch and gentle extraction.



** Recipient must be 18 years or older and wine must be purchased as a gift in addition to flowers.