PROFILE - Pan Pottery

by BRÆR Studio

We are proud to feature Pan Pottery in our Profile series, a place for Braer friends and figures of note to abstract a collage of their life, work and mood.

We have had the pleasure of housing a range of Gus' amazing pottery at Braer since 2017. We have always admired the humble and friendly nature of this beautiful man. His generosity of spirit and kind, open heart shine's through in his work and he is truly an inspiration in the way he has crafted his life.

We asked Gus to share a little insight in to his mind-space...





Jorge Ben album cover 

Joao Gilberto album cover 

Coco Maria worldwide fm 

Sessa album cover 

 Jorge Ben album cover   Joan Gilberto album cover

Coco Maria worldwide fm   Sessa album cover

Music is my biggest source of inspiration. Energising me and my work. All of these records have an essence that I love and an energy I try to convey through my pots.


Worldwide FM keeps me company most days, the energy and love they have for the music and the stories of how, why and who made it inspires me. Coco Maria and Hasseb Iqbal are favourite ways to start the day but there are so many great shows I cherish. 


 A feeling 

(a quote or song or memory)


“For here rolls the sea, and even here lies the other shore waiting to be reached—yes, here is this everlasting present, not distant, not anywhere else.” Rabindranath Tagore


Tagore has followed me around in life, or maybe it’s the other way around. I lived in Devon for a few years and would visit Darlington Hall. This poem is etched in stone in one of the many gardens. I fell in love with it then.


When I lived in Buenos Aires, I visited Victoria Ocampo’s home admiring her beautiful magazine, SUR. It was in her letters there that I discovered she and Tagore had a love affair.


Victoria Ocampo

Bridget (my wife) and I then found ourselves in Calcutta during the festival of Eid searching for Tagore’s house. The house was closed for the festival but for some reason, I feel like he lured us there on that day so we could experience the festival in all its chaotic beauty. We also used one of his poems in our wedding vow.


He was an amazing man and the quote is a beautiful reminder to live in the now.


terracotta Pan Pottery Moon Jar

 A moment

(daily practice or meditation, take us through your ritual?)


Putting my sons to sleep at night. We go outside under the stars and put the chickens to bed and say goodnight to all the animals and the moon. It’s always one of my favourite times of the day that makes me so grateful for my life and beautiful family.



banksia spinosa - candlestick banksia


Banksia spinulosa.

I love seeing them grow with all their colours and mature into this magnificent tall yellow candlestick. I’m tall and thin too so maybe it’s a good fit!




Terracotta painted vase by Pan Pottery




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Images by Claudia Smith.