Farm Visit - Bob & Liz

by Taylor Priebe

When we think of summer, we undoubtedly think tropical.


Last year we had the privilege to visit one of our favourite farms. Bob & Liz specialise in growing tropical blooms. Our favourite? The humble bromeliad. 


Bromeliads are members of a plant family known as Bromeliaceae with over 2700 described species in approximately 56 genera. The most well known bromeliad is the pineapple. The family contains a wide range of plants including some very un-pineapple like members such as Spanish Moss.



Bob and Liz graciously allowed Azzmin & Hamish explore their property located in Goonengerry. The pair followed their senses, stopping briefly and momentarily to test the fragrance of a variety of orchids. 





The Braer x Remote Projects foraging sack cominh in handy, as always for gathering flowers and other spiky things.

Tropical flowers sourced from Bob and Liz's farm this year are coming to an end soon as we move into cooler months. We look back on these past summers working together fondly.


Photos By Yaz Ward.

Words by Taylor Preibe.